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Looking for a great activity that gets you tuned in on sustainability and circular cities? Always wanted to re-think a city and improve its carbon footprint? Are you curious to see how other students from around the globe complement your insights with their multidisciplinary backgrounds? Then this Circular Cities summer school might just be your deal!

About the Circular Cities summer school

During this 1-week online summer school, you are trained in novel solutions for sustainable circular cities, with a strong focus on the role and use of water, energy and raw materials in the transition movement.

Training sessions alternate with a multi-day tournament. In small multidisciplinary groups (5 students/group) you are challenged to re-design a city district, while dealing with imposed scenarios and challenges on Water, Energy, and Raw Materials.

The 2022 edition is organised in a blended format: a series of weekly online lectures leads to an immersive week in Ghent. Check the programme for more details


Blended approach: online classes, topped by an immersive week on campus (Belgium)


Online classes in August.

Immersive week: 5-9th of September 2022.


Online classes: live classes, recordings available

Immersive week: Every day from 9AM – 17PM (GMT+1 time zone).


Applications will open soon


FREE summer school. You receive a proof of participation upon successful completion


For students with at least a bachelor degree and basic knowledge of chemistry, mathematics and physics