The CIRCU-CITY summer school is organised by a team of enthusiastic professors and collaborators from:

The summer school is made possible thanks to the financial support of EIT Raw Materials and Flanders Knowledge Area (VLUHR)

Gijs Du Laing (Ghent University) – Coordinator

Prof. Gijs Du Laing is the academic coordinator of the CIRCU-CITY summer school. In his research, he mainly focuses on studying the environmental fate and developing options for the sustainable management of metals and mineral resources. He also coordinates several international training initiatives: the International Master Programme SINReM, the International joint doctorate programme on resource recovery from wastewater SuPER-W, and the web-based lifelong learning programme for the raw materials sector MOTOPED.
He tries to combine his busy life as a professor with the maintenance of his traditional farmhouse with farm animals near Ghent, and the management of his family with 3 active young kids. He travels 17 kilometers from home to work every day by bike, also when it rains! (Except when he works from home, obviously…)

Elise Meerburg (Ghent University) – Practical coordination

Elise Meerburg is the Training Coordinator of CAPTURE. In this role, she supports a set of projects together with Prof. Gijs Du Laing, such as the Circular Societies major for SINReM, the Industrial Symbiosis Hub, and of course the Circular City Summer school. She also steers the Video Studio where knowledge clips, MOOCs and podcasts are produced as part of the knowledge dissemination vision of CAPTURE.
Elise has 10 years of work experience as international relations officer for two Erasmus Mundus programmes at Ghent University: IMFSE and IMBRSea.

Pieter De Clercq (Ghent University) – Technical guy

Pieter De Clercq graduated as a Master in Physics at Ghent University in 1994. He started working as a teacher in mathematics and shifted towards multimedia and web development. He started working at Ghent University in 2009 as an innovation project manager focusing on education at the faculty of Sciences. He works with Prof. Gijs Du Laing at the Department of Green Chemistry and Technology at the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering (Ghent) since 2019.

The combination of educational and technical skills lends him the title of ‘educational technologist’.
For the summer school, Pieter will set up all the technical aspects such as 3D modeling and annotation tools.

Marzena Smol (MEERI) – Lecturer

Dr Marzena Smol is a head of Division of Biogenic Raw Materials at MEERI PAS. She specializes in the environmental and social aspects of the introduction of innovative technologies on the market, including projects focusing on the use of waste in various industries. She coordinates international projects related to raw materials management (InPhos), recovery (CEPhosPOL) and circular economy model implementation (MonGOS).
She is involved in lectures on circular economy, eco-innovations, Life cycle assessment (LCA), and corporate social responsibility (CSR) at AGH University of Science and Technology and Cracow University of Technology.

Marzena will teach a session on Resource recovery from wastewater during the summer school.

Michał Preisner (MEERI) – Lecturer

Dr. Eng. Michał Preisner is an assistant professor at MEERI PAS in the Division of Biogenic Raw Materials. Since 2019 he holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering after defending his doctoral thesis at AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, Poland. His professional experience was also gained as an international cooperation officer at the National Science Centre in Poland and as a project officer in the Marshal Office of the Malopolska Region. His scientific background is related to wastewater treatment technology (nutrient removal and recovery), eutrophication mitigation, surface water quality assessment, circular economy and industrial symbiosis.
Michał will contribute to the CircuCity summer school with a lecture on industrial symbiosis.

Dominika Szołdrowska (MEERI) – Assistant

M.Sc. Dominika Szołdrowska is a research assistant at MEERI PAS in the Division of Biogenic Raw Materials. In 2019, she completed her Master’s degree at AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, Poland in the field of Environmental Engineering with a specialization in Water Engineering. She completed an internship at Cracow Waterworks in the Central Water Testing Laboratory. Currently, her research is focused on investigating the possibilities of using various waste streams for fertilization purposes.
Dominika will be a part of the organizing and promotion team and a contact person for the summer school local events in Poland.

Paulina Marcinek (MEERI) – Assistant

M.Sc. Paulina Marcinek is a young researcher at MEERI PAS in the Division of Biogenic Raw Materials. In 2019 she completed with honors her Master’s degree in the field of Management and Production Engineering, specialization: Controlling Production Processes promoted at the Faculty of Mining and Geoengineering at AGH University of Science and Technology, Cracow, Poland. Currently, she is finalizing her second Master’s degree at AGH in Engineering and Industrial Process Management, specialization: Lean Management. Her scientific interests are focused on the economic aspect of raw materials management, circular economy and bioeconomy.
Paulina will be a part of the organizing and promotion team and a contact person for the summer school local events in Poland.

Itsaso González (MONDRAGON) – Lecturer

Dra. Itsaso González is a lecturer and researcher in innovation design at MGEP. She obtained the Technical Engineering degree in Industrial Design at Mondragon University in 2006. She hold Master degree in Integrated Product Design from Delft University of Technology (TUdelft) in 2008 and a Ph.D. degree in Evaluation Methodology for Improving Brand Consistency at Mondragon University in 2019. Dra. Itsaso joined MGEP as a lecturer and research in 2008. Dra. Itsaso is focused on projects related to user-centered design, brand experience and product design. She manages projects with private companies such as ORONA and LABORAL KUTXA and currently participates in European projects such as REPRO-LIGHT and AS-FABRIK. Dra. Itsaso published 9 articles in scientific journals related to User-Centered Design, Brand Experience and Product Design.

Itsaso González (MONDRAGON) – Lecturer

Dr. Ganix LASA [Male] is a lecturer and researcher in Innovation in Industrial Design at MGEP (Basque Country, Spain). He obtained his first degree in Industrial Design and Product Development Engineering at Mondragon University in 2008. He hold an MSc in Design Engineering from Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) and PhD degree in User Experience Evaluation at Mondragon University in 2015. In 2015 joined the Centre for Interaction Design of Edinburgh Napier University as a visitor researcher, participating in several interaction design projects. In 2015 Dr Lasa joined MGEP and since then, he is carrying out several research design projects at MGEP with a user-centered Design approach. He has been participating in privately funded projects mainly related to interaction design and product development. During the last years, his work has been focused also on user experience evaluation method and tools development, and currently participates in several European projects, such as, REPRO-LIGHT, RENNOVATES and SMARTENCITY. He is the author of several scientific articles referring to technology of interaction design, user experience and product development.

Irune Gómez (MONDRAGON) – Lecturer

Irune Gómez holds a Ph.D. in Business Management and a degree in Humanities and Business. She specialized in Corporate Social Responsibility, Strategic Management and Circular Business Models for Sustainable Development. Currently, she is a lecturer and researcher in the Industrial Organization Department at Mondragon Unibertsitatea (Spain), where she is a member of the Circular Economy and Sustainable Management research area.

“My mission as a researcher involves generating knowledge and practical tools to help companies develop Sustainable Strategies and Circular Business Model implementation.”

Irune will take part in the CircuCity summer school as a lecturer and coach providing support to the students in the different activities carried out in the summer camp.

Nazarena Vincenti (ECODOM) – Lecturer

Nazarena Vincenti, as Projects Specialist, supports the research activities in ECODOM. She studied Environmental and Land Planning Engineering MSc at the Politecnico di Milano University. She is involved in several projects such as the PolyCE project: dealing with mapping the market situation of PCR plastics and analysing WEEE material flows, and the NONTOX project: coordinating the communication and dissemination activities.

She will contribute to the CircuCity summer School with a lecture concerning the recycling of complex streams of waste from electric and electronic equipment (WEEE) and the role of (critical) raw materials in the transition to a circular society.

Filippo Stringa (ECODOM) – Lecturer

Filippo Stringa supports the research activities in ECODOM as Projects Specialist. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Energy Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano University. He is involved in several projects concerning the transition to circular economy in the WEEE management sector. He supported the team that was involved in editing the 2019 Sustainability Report.
During the Summer School, Filippo will be involved by offering a lecture concerning the recycling of complex streams of waste from electric and electronic equipment (WEEE) and the role of (critical) raw materials in the transition to a circular society.

Luca Campadello (ECODOM)

Luca Campadello is the Projects and Researches Manager in ECODOM responsible for research activities. He earned his Mechanical MSc from Politecnico di Milano University. He coordinates several projects and researches such as PolyCE (H2020), InnoWEEE (Climate-KIC), COLLECTORS (H2020), ProSUM (H2020), CRM Closed Loop Recovery (Life), SCRREEN (H2020), WEEELABEX (Life). Moreover, he acts as Exploitation Manager in the H2020 project NONTOX. He is member of the EIP raw materials operational group and is the Italian expert at the CENELEC technical tables. Since 2008 he worked in ECODOM managing the suppliers, performing WEEELABEX audits and actively participating in European technical tables for the development of Standards focused on the recycling of WEEE.